Looking for some work?

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What do we do!

We have a range of openings for a range of ages


Strong, fit men/women to drive the vehicles, set up and pack down the inflatables

Non Drivers

Strong, fit men/women to be driven in the vehicles, and then to set up and pack down the inflatables


For some larger events we need supervisors to stay with the units and make sure they are run safely

People we are looking for!

Flexible Hours

Due to the nature of this job, we need people who have semi felxible hours. A lot of work tends to be in weekends but there's always stuff to do in the weekdays as well! All staff are Casual - sometimes we have lots of work. In Winter, not so much!

Great with People

This is a people centered role! Whether you are supervising a unit or talking to a customer, we need you to have the people skills needed!

And pay?

Yes, we pay you. Pay rates start above min wage and go up from there. You get 8% holiday pay and we pay 3% kiwisaver. We use a payroll firm, so tax is done right etc. I generally pay more rather than less and I have been known to buy a round of coffees or ice-creams at larger jobs!

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